Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kids' Activities

First off, a little plug for my other blog Tah Dah! I just posted a "Boredom Busters" jar that I shared at our MOPS group this morning. Our meeting today was all about ideas for things to do with your kids. I shared this project and other ideas to do around the house. How about discussing your family's emergency plan and having a drill? Make your own tangram kit! Make a bowling set from old soda bottle or milk jugs! Let the kids dress themselves and have a photo shoot (digital camera highly recommended so you don't waste film)... The possibilities truly are endless. One other thought - set a timer and have them spend a designated period of time on one activity, so you're also helping to develop their attention span. I know this comes automatically for some kids, but many do need to develop this skill.

We also discussed programs at libraries and city parks, as well as stuff like heading to Chuck E. Cheese (Did you know it opens at 9:30 AM? I didn't! No pressure to buy their overpriced food then, either) or small museums. Lots of great ideas, and I'll definitely be pulling out the handouts later this summer, when I'm going stir crazy.

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In Pursuit of His Call said...

Thanks for posting this idea on the women's forum also...

The timer idea is a good one. I wonder what an 18 month old attention span is? I always wonder if DearDaughter has A.D.D. because she doesn't stay too focused for very long. However, I'm not concerned yet as I know she's still really young!

Well, maybe I'll head over to your other site when I'm done here :)

Great job! Especially with all the ideas!