Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cod & Lima Beans in foil

I have never eaten lima beans other than in mixed veggies (and honestly, I thought they were pretty nasty, so specifically buy the kind that DOESN'T have them in there) but ANYWAY, I've discovered that lima beans are actually really tasty! Piled slightly less than a cup (used frozen kind) onto the foil, then added a lemon slice and fresh flat leaf parsley. Covered with a cod fillet (these happened to be pre-marinated, which is why I didn't add anything else to the beans), folded up the little pouch and baked. I will definitely be making some version of this again in the future. (Sorry for the lousy pic, I had already started eating the cod when I remembered to take a pic!)

THM - E (just make sure that if you're using premarinated fish that it's less than 5 g fat per serving)

Inspired by Giada

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