Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Warning: lots of recipes ahead

A local friend-of-a-friend started a "What's for Dinner" group on FB because she said she was bored with her family's dinnertime routine and was looking for ideas.  Basically, we take a pic of our dinner and share recipes.  Simple, and pretty fun.  I don't do it every night, and I'm being reminded about just how many people rely on prepackaged food ("I made roasted chicken and vegetables!  Go me!  What, a recipe?  Oh, I bought the seasoning packet for $5.99 that includes fresh marjorcurryam and 16 spice powder. Yummo!") Anyway, I do tend to try out a lot of new recipes, and I was scrolling back through posts, thinking, "Man, I wish it were easier to find my stuff!"  Oh, if only I had a place to record such things.

Well, duh.

Hubby went out for red snapper back over Easter weekend (friend's hubby has a boat - hooray!) and caught his limit in less than an hour.  Which meant we ended with a large pile of red snapper fillets in the freezer.  And while I consider myself a fair-to-middlin' cook, I'd never once touched red snapper simply because it's generally too expensive.  Anyway, I searched online and came across this really great recipe that I've now prepared a couple times.

Red Snapper, linguine with olive sauce

Cover red snapper with approx 1 tsp soy sauce and 1/4 c olive oil - marinate for 30 min (mine sat for probably 15, and was still good). Bake at 400 for about 8 minutes (depending on how thick the fillet is) and finish off under the broiler to desired crispiness. Cook pasta. Meanwhile, in a large skillet, heat 1/4 c olive oil. When it's hot, toss in 2-3 cloves minced garlic. Allow to cook only for a minute or so (you don't want it too sweet) then add 2 - 4.25 oz cans chopped black olives, 1 - 6 oz can tomato paste, 3/4 c white wine (I used one of those little 187 ml bottles, could sub low sodium chicken broth), 1 tsp lemon juice and approx 1 c water. Allow to simmer for about 5 minutes, stirring. Season to taste (I added garlic powder and freshly ground black pepper). May also add a bit of the pasta water if you want a looser sauce.  Spoon sauce over pasta and fish, then serve! (I know the sauce isn't on the fish in my picture, but I did eat it together ;)

*If any of my "real life" FB friends would like to be added to the dinner group, just let me know!

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