Tuesday, August 13, 2013

LIttle blessings

Just wanted to document this, a reminder of how out of God's infinite grace He sometimes grants even the smallest wants.

Last night as I was washing dishes, I commented to my hubby that my spatulas were in really rough shape, and I was going to have to replace them soon.  I have a set of 3, earned with hostess benefits from a Pampered Chef party probably sometime in 1999.  Yeah, you could say I've gotten my money's worth ;)  In my head, I was thinking that I'd really like to find something solid (so that junk doesn't get stuck between the head and handle), and preferably the "scooper" type that are so amazingly convenient.

I dropped the kiddos off at a day camp this morning, and stopped at Walgreen's to pick something up.  These were sitting on the clearance cart by the checkout.

Delivered: two molded scoopy spatulas for less than a buck total.

Seriously, how awesome is that?!

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Jeff and Meg said...

Awesome! God sure likes to bless us even with the little things. :)