Sunday, March 11, 2007

Blessed Relief...

Just wanted to pop in and say that I am feeling SOOOOO much better. As I was drifting off to sleep last night, I was praying 1) for my hubby and 2)that I would would have a better attitude and soon get some relief from the stupid, throbbing pain. (Warning: a bit of grossness to follow - you might want to skip to the next paragraph!) When I woke up this morning, I noticed a strange taste in my mouth - it seems the infection decided to create its own exit under the crown. After some vigorous tooth brushing and much spitting, I seriously feel like a new woman. It's still sore and I still can't open my mouth very far, but the throbbing has virtually disappeared. Now I know I can hold on until the root canal on Thursday... Thank you, Lord, for your continued grace to this tired, grumpy wimp! And I must say my attitude is much better, too.

In other relief news, I am very thankful to report that my hubby has landed after his 6,500+ mile flight. He called just to say that he arrived; he sounded exhausted and was heading to the hotel. Probably won't get to talk to him again until tomorrow, but I'm happy to know that things have gone well thus far. Another thank you, Jesus!!

I'm listening to Chris Rice while doing some minor pick up (yes, our house is approaching a non-humiliating state once more), and wanted to share "And Your Praise Goes On" along with a photo I took of the sunrise at the beach last year.

The moon is high and the sunset fades
The lullabies have all been sung
We’re tuckin’ in another day
And stars appear now one by one
But the stillness moves and the silence yields
And not a single beat is lost
You can hear the chorus in the fields
Taking up where we left off
And Your praise goes on, rising to Your throne
Where You guard us while we dream
Past the stars they fly,
Your praises fill the sky
‘Til You wake us with the dawn
And Your praise goes on
Now bring your warmth, O morning sun
Chase the stars and the moon away
And wake us with your brightest song
And add our voice to your refrain
Now rise up everything that lives!
Flap your wings and leap for joy!
Oh forest lift your arms and sway!
Clap your hands you ocean waves!
And Your praise goes on, rising to Your throne
Where You bless our toil and play
Through the clouds they rise,
Your praises fill the skies
‘Til the setting of the sun
And Your praise goes on
And when my final breath You lend
I’ll thank You for the life You gave
But that won’t mean the praises end
‘Cause I won’t be silenced by the grave!
And Your praise goes on
I’ll be runnin’ to Your throne
With every nation, tribe and tongue
To Your arms I’ll fly
I’ll gaze into Your eyes
Then I’ll know as I am known
And Your praise goes on
And Your praise goes on
And Your praise goes on

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In Pursuit of His Call said...

We've kept you all in our prayers! I'm glad you were able to stop the throbbing. I'll remember your root canal for prayer on Thursday...I'll need to listen to Chris Rice on Rhapsody. Thanks for sharing.