Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Roundup

Whew - busy weekend. I hit the consignment sale yesterday but was pretty disappointed in the selection. I usually work the sale so am able to shop on Thursday or Friday night - when I got there Saturday at 9:30 things were very picked over. I did find a couple outfits for our daughter , three Rescue Hero movies for our son, and some fun play food, but am going to have to find general summer clothes somewhere else. Oh, and can I rant just a moment about little girls clothing, bathing suits in particular? Why on earth would I want my 2 year old wearing a hoochie mama bikini?!? There was one in particular that just turned my stomach, as it was black with metallic trim around the "cups" on the upper part. Whatever happened to cute one pieces with butterflies and flowers?

Today was my last day of teaching the Preschool class. Demanding job, but what a blessing!! Today's theme was "Jesus died for our sins and rose again." Doesn't get much more exciting than that! Our curriculum is really good about suggesting hands-on activities: we rubbed some lavender oil into play-doh (while talking about how the women were going to put special oil and spices on Jesus' body), then gathered everyone's play-doh together into a big rock to block the tomb. We also made "angel belts" (white poster board with gold glitter paint) and then got to announce that Jesus is alive!! I'm exhausted, but it's so exciting to see the kids learning, helping to plant those seeds of faith.

We came home and had lunch, then family naptime. A took hers upstairs, but D and I dozed on the couch while "watching" the Bristol race. Bummer about Tony. I was curious to see the driver's reactions to the COT. No one had been particularly excited about it thus far, and I was wondering whether NASCAR would have sort of put the kibosh on the drivers, preventing them from speaking out. Based on Kyle Busch's remarks in the winner's circle, I guess that wasn't the case. On to Martinsville!

So on to this evening - after I tucked A into bed, D and I played a few rounds of Dora Candyland. I've been super hard on him the past few days; I know he's missing Daddy, but that doesn't excuse his inappropriate behavior. I'm missing Daddy, too, but that's no excuse for me, either - I've let some stuff slide, and then other times I blow up and start yelling. Not pretty. So tonight I made it a point to sit down with him one on one - we both had a lot of fun, and what a change in attitude. He didn't fight me on going to bed, and during his prayers he specifically thanked Jesus for games. What a great reminder to me of just how much he appreciates those simple things. And a clue to other parents - praying with your children isn't just "something nice," it seriously will really help you understand what your kids are feeling and what's important to them. Sometimes it's silly and sometimes I nearly cry as I listen to them pour out their little hearts. What a precious gift!!

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Terri @ In His Hands said...

I love what you did with your preschool class! How sweet!
Thank you for the recipe links, I really appreciate it!
Have a great week!