Monday, March 19, 2007

Plans for the Week

Well, we've officially survived 9 days without Daddy. I spoke to him yesterday; he still sounds really worn out, but the good news is that their schedule isn't quite as exhausting this week.

There's so much I'm hoping to get done this week; between my mouth bothering me and the kids being sick, I feel like I lost a week earlier this month and am just now caught back up. I want to finish organizing my laundry area (I think I started working on that back in January), clean out the kitchen cupboards, and clear up the stack of misc papers that I've been moving back and forth between the table and kitchen counter. I need to take inventory of the kids' clothes, as my favorite consignment sale is coming up this weekend and I need to figure out what they need for the spring/summer. I also am planning to spend at least one evening working in my craft pit - I would love to surprise my hubby when he comes home and sees my beautifully organized space (snort).

For dinner tonight, I'm making a big ol' pot of rice and beans. I baked a ten pound ham on Saturday night - they were on sale, and I love using the leftovers! I'll be using the bone tonight, and the rest of the meat has been chopped and frozen to use later in corn chowder, alfredo sauce with peas, breakfast casserole, etc. See, every now and then a bit of organization creeps in... Here's to a stocked freezer and a warm house!


Joyfulheartart said...

Time flies! Seems like you just talked about that favorite consignment sale. Have a lbessed week!

Jenn said...

MMMMM...rice and beans! I love when you can start a week out with a plan - a doable plan - and be productive. My kids tend to upset the apple cart a bit, but if I plan that in it really does give you a great sense of accomplishment. Having meals planned is 3/4 of the battle!

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Mmmmm...those dishes sound so yummy. You've got to share some of them!!!...I'm glad that things are getting back in order again!