Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday Randomness

Our weather is becoming spring-like again, so we ventured out to the post office and the library, returned home laden with books and a couple DVDs, and then the kids managed to play in the backyard for a little while without getting too muddy. I still have that huge list of things I'm hoping to accomplish before the week is out. I've made a bit of progress, but need to find a higher gear. I am such a procrastinator, and am exceptionally good at finding distractions.

To celebrate the halfway point of Daddy's trip, we had Chinese tonight. The kids love their mein fun! I'm thinking that my hubby's fortune somehow ended up in my cookie, though...

We have a MOPS meeting tomorrow that I'm really looking forward to. Who can resist hot coffee, childcare, and adult conversation?!? Seriously, though, our Mentor Mom is speaking. She is a wonderful lady - caring and compassionate, down to earth, and with a great sense of humor to boot! I know that my heart will be both encouraged and challenged tomorrow.

And last but not least, I now present today's pet peeves:

1. Kids' DVDs that force you to watch ten minutes worth of previews. Seriously, why must they encode it so the menu button doesn't function until we've taken in all the propoganda?

2. People that you haven't talked to in over a year - and honestly never really knew all that well anyway - that hit you up for their child's fundraiser. How convenient that they still have our address.


Jenn said...

Ditto the pet peeves!

As long as we are doing random thoughts, if I haven't told you already I love your banner! Great job on the photography.

Trish D said...

Thanks so much! I had a lot of fun finding "representative" items to shove under there. The funniest thing was when my son saw it, and came running to tell me what his little sister had done. He was VERY puzzled to learn that Mommy was actually the culprit :)

Joyfulheartart said...

about yout pet peaves, been there this is what I do...
For the DVDs: When you put the DVD in turn on the player, but not the TV. Or don't switch your TV to DVD, yet. Once the previews are done playing it will end up on the menu. ( I rarely watch previews, especially when they try to force it on me. must be my rebellious side coming out)
For the fundraiser: God loves a cheerful giver,right?? So, if you can't do it cheerfully, don't give. If it was in the mail,(therefore non-threatening) it goes into the shredder with the rest of the unwanted mail. If they happen to call, I simply say, "sorry, I can't help right now".

Trish D said...

Great idea just to let the DVD run until it gets to the main menu - why didn't I think of that?!?

As far as the fundraiser thing, we definitely will not be passing anything along. First of all, I barely know the parents and don't know the child AT ALL. My standard response to any phone/face to face requests is that, "Our charitable giving has already been designated for the year" - especially since we're in the process of purchasing a church building!!